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The dust begins to settle

More on the draft:

ESPN gives the Fever and Lynx top marks in last night’s draft.

The Lynx declined trades on draft night to get the players they wanted.

Ashley Joens is excited to reunite with Stephanie Soares in the WNBA.

“Dream merchant” Dawn Staley draws praise after five Gamecocks were taken in the draft.

WNBA player news:

Brittney Griner will soon release a memoir detailing her detainment in Russia.

College player news:

Miami’s Cavinder twins will forego their final year of  eligibility to move on to other things.

College coach news:

Keitha Adams is returning as UTEP’s head coach.

As five players have transferred out, Florida coach Kelly Rae Finley remains committed to her vision of the program.

Why new Bowling Green coach Fred Chmiel took a pay cut.

Georgetown has hired Tasha Butts as their new head coach.

New Orleans has hired Trelanne Powell as their new head coach.

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