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7.4 on the Richter scale

Upsets (!!!!):

St. John’s took down No. 4 UConn, 69-64.

No. 7 Maryland pounded No. 6 Iowa, 96-68.

More results:

No. 15 Villanova 67, DePaul 64

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Tomorrow’s game schedule

College team news:

With tonight’s loss, the Hawkeyes lost their chance at a Big Ten title.

Indiana outright claims the Big Ten title.

Comparing the Hoosiers and the Gamecocks.

Central Arkansas has ended their season due to the lack of available players.

Iowa State is the NCAA’s team of the week.

College player news:

Grace Berger is the heart of Indiana.

College coach news:

First-year Yale coach Dalila Eshe is exactly where she wants to be.

Melissa Jackson won’t be back as Akron’s coach next season.

WNBA news:

Brittney Griner has re-signed with the Mercury.

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