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Much going on

Today’s results:

No. 1 South Carolina 62, South Dakota State 44

No. 8 NC State 81, Davidson 47

No. 10 UCLA 59, USC 56

No. 16 Oregon 88, Eastern Washington 38

No. 18 Baylor 93, Tennessee State 27

Princeton 77, Rutgers 56

Auburn 79, North Carolina A&T 63

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Tomorrow’s game schedule

College player news:

Stanford forward Cameron Brink knows she has a foul problem, and she’s working on it.

Aijha Blackwell was back on the court for Baylor today after missing a month with a lower leg injury.

Virginia Tech guard Ashley Owusu is out indefinitely with a broken pinkie finger.

College coach news:

Former UCLA and U.S. Olympic coach Billie Moore died at her home last night, at the age of 79.

Former Connecticut Sun player Brooke Wyckoff returns to Mohegan Sun to play UConn as Florida State’s head coach.

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