A processing day

College team news:

With their injuries, UConn could be down to seven available players……they will have to get creative to win.

Colorado is connecting from long range.

Health and safety protocols within the New Orleans program has forced them to cancel their game against LSU Sunday.

Today’s results

Tomorrow’s game schedule

College player news:

Maggie and Monika Czinano can finally square off in the Gophers-Hawkeyes rivalry.

College coach news:

Adia Barnes takes accountability for Arizona’s first loss of the season.

Brittney Griner news:

Griner is in “good spirits” after arriving home early today, and is being evaluated in a military hospital.

Why CBS held its scoop on the situation for a week.

A look at her possible post-release hurdles.

Her recovery will be unique……and reclaiming her story will be no easy task.

Griner’s detention showed the strength and struggle of women’s sports.