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Less than 48 hours to go

College team news:

SEC preview.

One stat to watch for each Big 12 team.

Stanford looks to bounce back this season.

Michigan State: player by player analysis.

The East coast Huskies have a distinct international flavor this year.

Three questions facing the West coast Huskies…….they are hoping to get a boost from transfers Delayah Daniels and Emma Grothaus.

UNLV is prepared to defend their Mountain West crown.

Oklahoma enters the season with high expectations.

Inside Duke’s family culture.

Southeastern is embracing a new identity this season.

New-look UCF prepares for a fresh start.

College player news:

Q&A with Notre Dame standout Olivia Miles.

Cate Reese begins the end of her reign at Arizona.

An unlikely homecoming: Sam Brunelle returns to Virginia.

Transfers Ashley Owusu and Taylor Soule hope Virginia Tech is the pathway to the WNBA.

Paige Bueckers is taking her honorary role as coach this season very seriously……while transfer teammate Lou Lopez Senechal hopes to contribute as a scorer for UConn.

Celeste Taylor prepares to lead Duke in a comeback campaign…….preview of all of the Blue Devils.


Old Dominion has unveiled its statue of Nancy Lieberman.

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