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Meanwhile, on the other side of the world……

World Cup news:

Schedule and results…….the USA just beat China, 77-63…..

After years away, one of basketball’s greats returns at age 41.

Julie Allemand and Belgium are ready to move on from last year’s Olympic loss.

Puerto Rico players hope their win yesterday brings joy to their home country, recovering from a hurricane.

WNBA team news:

The Oakland City Council is calling for a WNBA team in a new resolution.

WNBA player news:

Players throughout the league say they’ll keep Brittney Griner in the spotlight until she’s freed.

Candice Dupree is a new assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs.

WNBA team news:

Five questions facing the Wings this offseason.

College team news:

An early look at Indiana.

College player news:

Nebraska standout Sam Haiby will miss the season with a leg injury.

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