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Which unbeaten teams are contenders?

UConn fell to No. 7, which is the lowest they’ve ranked since 2007.


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College team news:

Indiana sent a message to the Big Ten with their romp over Ohio State.

Georgia Southern’s 118-point margin of victor was the second-largest in DI history.

Colorado is trying to stay sharp during their layoff.

Little Rock has canceled a game due to a flu outbreak.

The Pac-12’s biggest foe might be the standard it set last season.

College player news:

Husky sophomore forward Mir McLean has entered the transfer portal – the second UConn player to do so this season.

Aaliyah Nye is taking what she learned in East Lansing to make a difference at Illinois.

College coach news:

Coach’s Chair: Tammi Reiss, University of Rhode Island.

International news:

Tiffany Mitchell has found racism in the WNBL.