WNBA coronavirus, travel and social justice news dominates the day

Lots of big news in the WNBA today…...

COVID-19 news:

Seven players out of 137 have tested positive for COVID-19.

Teams traveled to Florida today except the Indiana Fever. They will delay arrival for a few days, as two players tested positive.

Photos and videos on player and team social media accounts have popped up this afternoon and evening, showing personnel has arrived at “the bubble” in Florida. They were tested for the virus and will quarantine for a few days and be tested again.

Social justice news:

The WNBA and WNBPA have agreed to feature the names of women who have died due to police or racial violence on warmups, as well as on the court.

The league is dedicating the season to social justice.

Players will form a social justice council.

Commissioner Cathy Engelbert is proud of players.

WNBA team news:

Uncertain what awaits them, the Storm head to Florida for the season.

Preparation factors for the bubble are a mystery as the Lynx head to camp.

Indiana Fever preview.

Phoenix Mercury preview.

The WNBA CBA salary cap explained.

WNBA coach news:

Penny Taylor is stepping down as assistant coach for the Mercury, and Chasity Melvin will replace her.

Most of the WNBA’s older coaches are OK with the coronavirus risk.

College team news:

The Patriot League has formed an Anti-Racism Commission.

UConn players are due back on campus in late July, but international players face travel restrictions.

College coach news:

Kevin Templeton is a new assistant coach at Eastern Illinois.