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Sue Favor, in the gold shirt, has a laugh with her assistant at a game at Pauley Pavilion in December, 2019. Maria Noble/WomensHoopsWorld.
Sue Favor, in the gold shirt, has a laugh with her assistant at a game at Pauley Pavilion in December, 2019. Maria Noble/WomensHoopsWorld.


WomensHoopsWorld is an independent women’s basketball news and features site that covers all levels of the game: collegiate, professional, international and high school.

The WomensHoopsWorld brand is personified by unique features and news stories about the athletes in the game, the coaches, and the people around them. Telling the stories of the people in women’s basketball is our mission, as the game is full of bright, courageous, strong, relentless, innovative, caring, fierce, insightful and intelligent people. Some are in the spotlight, and some stand outside of it. Everyone’s story is important.

We also provide a thoroughly comprehensive list of links to stories about women’s basketball every day, from numerous news outlets around the country. We believe that information is power, so we endeavor to provide every bit of copy about the sport that we can possibly find. We post every day of the year.

The genesis of the website

Founder Sue Favor established the “They’re Playing Basketball” blog in 2008. She wrote for two independent women’s basketball news organizations for seven years before creating WomensHoopsWorld in 2015. As both the editor and the senior writer for the publication, Favor has a staff of rotating writers that contribute features and news stories. WomensHoopsWorld is considered by many in the industry to be the first go-to stop on the Internet to obtain women’s basketball news. Favor has been a guest on numerous podcasts, and has been quoted in story features. WomensHoopsWorld’s twitter account generates 2-4 million tweet impressions per month.

A Pacific Northwest native, Favor learned to read just before her fourth birthday, and began writing short stories in kindergarten. Her father began taking her to collegiate women’s basketball games in the 1981-1982 season – the first year of the women’s NCAA Championship – and she was hooked for life.

Favor worked as a full time journalist in the 1990’s, and lived in Seattle when the WNBA’s Seattle Storm was founded. She has been a personal trainer and is now an educator, as well as a writer. Favor has a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Master of Science degree, and a teaching credential, and is always trying to learn new things. She is based in Los Angeles.

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Both the website and blog site have had millions of views over the years, as we have served the women’s basketball community. All contributions go towards the maintenance of the site, travel time and fuel used in getting to games and covering them, time spent conducting in-person and phone interviews, plane tickets and lodging costs, and other expenses. Every donation is gratefully accepted, and can be made via our PayPal account, WHWorld.

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