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College team news:

Nebraska improved but couldn’t maintain a great start.

Pitt gains a player and loses another.

Portland would be a great site for the Final Four, organizers say.

An oral history of Gonzaga’s Sweet 16 win in 2011.

College player news:

Former Hofstra player Dr. Niki Williams is treating patients during this coronavirus pandemic.

Erin Howard has transferred from Auburn to Florida State.

Abby O’Connor is leaving Loyola Chicago for Gonzaga.

McKenna Sims is transferring from Illinois State.

Retrospective on Oklahoma’s Dionnah Jackson.

College coach news:

Baylor’s shadow loomed large over Texas and former coach Karen Aston.

Geno Auriemma discusses several topics.

Illinios has extended the contract of Nancy Fahey by two years.

Virginia Tech assistant Jennifer Brown is Queens University’s new head coach.

WNBA and international news:

Tamika Catchings’ goal was to play in the NBA. Now she will be inducted into the WBHOF.

Podcast with Dallas Wings CEO Greg Bibb.

Alanna Smith on COVID-19.

Recruiting news:

In-state recruits are still committed to Montana despite the firing of coach Shannon Schweyen.

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