Hoops pause is still underway

College team news:

Projecting the Big Ten standings.

South Carolina knows the benefits and perils of Christmas break.

College player news:

Indiana star Brenna Wise and her father Stu have bonded through basketball.

Kiah Gillespie’s growth was evident in her homecoming last week.

Forward Borislava Hristova is a rare Pac-12 star for Washington State.

Bailey Greenberg is shooting even more for Drexel.

No jitters for these freshmen, who are all Maine natives.

College coach news:

Dawn Staley’s message to her Gamecocks for the holiday break: “think about basketball.”

WNBA news:

The WNBA and WNBPA have extended their deadline to agree on a new CBA until Jan. 15, 2020. They are making “substantial progress,” they say.