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These SEC coaches put the F in fashionable

Drip, drip, drip, drip!

No, I am not talking about the sound of the faucet. I am referring to the four most fashionable coaches in the SEC: Nikki Fargas of LSU, Matthew Mitchell of Kentucky, Joni Taylor of Georgia, and my favorite, South Carolina’s Dawn Staley.

Nikki Fargas. Photo courtesy of LSU Athletics.
Nikki Fargas. Photo courtesy of LSU Athletics.

Now I love me a diva, and Fargas is one of my favorites on the sidelines. When the Tennessee All-American and former assistant coach there got the head coaching job at UCLA in 2008, her former teammate and fashion stylist Shyra Ely-Gash asked if she could style her for games. Fargas agreed, and they have been a match made in heaven ever since. Lately, Ely-Gash has Fargas dressed in styles reminiscent of Katherine Hepburn: neckties, wide slacks and five-inch heels. Fargas credits her style not only to her upbringing, but to her position as a head coach. She believes most people do not get a second chance to make a great first impression. I always say, if you stay ready for the cameras, you’ll never have to get ready. Slay, coach!

Matthew Mitchell. Kameron Roach photo.

Mitchell is one of only four male coaches in the SEC, but make no mistake: his fashion style is far from being minute. While you are trying to stay focused on the game itself, one cannot help but to peek over at Mitchell’s custom made three-piece suits. What makes him different from other male coaches is that his suits cater to his body type. The sleeves are just right, the cuff links provide that bling, and his pants are snatched to his thighs; no high waters. You can tell that Mitchell is very detailed in selecting his clothes on game day, as well as preparing his players for battle. He comes to every game looking casket-ready sharp. And you can catch him at the annual Big Blue Madness festivities wearing a cowboy outfit that makes you want to scream “hee-haw!”

Joni Taylor. Photo courtesy of Georgia Athletics.

Taylor is a great young coach coming up the ranks. While she may want you to come watch her Lady Bulldogs play, one cannot help but to admire Taylor’s fashion presence on the sidelines. I love the fact that she doesn’t shy away from bright colors such as hot pink, or fiery red. Taylor seems to like clothes with a lot of patterns and textures, and she prefers high-waist skirts. She keeps her jewelry very simple, without taking away from the outfit itself. I also admire the fact that Taylor doesn’t shy away from being tall. You will never catch her wearing kitten heels.


Fashion icon? Staley is it. She could easily add it to her already-impressive resume. The Hall of Fame coach’s shoe game will make you drop your lower lip and snap your fingers in a Z formation. Staley has given us Valentino heels, Gucci belts, leather jackets, wide-legged pants, and a sneaker game that makes us all want to upgrade ours own. Even her eyeglasses are popping. She is the most stylish head coach not only in the SEC, but in the entire NCAA, and she doesn’t shy away from showcasing her shoe game on social media. As one fashion stylist said, “Dawn Staley gives you Gamecocks’ couture every night on the sidelines.”

Nikki Fargas. Photo courtesy of LSU Athletics.
Matthew Mitchell. Photo courtesy of Kentucky Athletics.
Joni Taylor. Photo courtesy of Georgia Athletics.
Dawn Staley. Patrick Green,
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