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Days until the season: 10

College team news:

Rebuilding Notre Dame opens the way for Louisville and NC State in the ACC.

Oregon State expects to have a “really fun” year.

Maryland looks to meet lofty expectations.

A youth movement is underway at Ohio State.

College player news:

Destiny Slocum is settling in as a junior at Oregon State.

Virginia center Felica Aiyeotan has ended her career after being diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder.

Denver transfer Grace White’s waiver has been granted, and she is immediately eligible to play at Valpo.

College coach news:

Kentucky coach Matthew Mitchell put on a full concert today prior to the school’s match up with Missouri.

Geno Auriemma would like to de-emphasize three-pointers in women’s basketball.

Recruiting news:

UConn recruit Aaliyah Edwards is just like any other player, until she steps on to the court.

WNBA player news:

Jewell Loyd never let dyslexia define her.

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