This coaching carousel is something else

NCAA news:

2019 Final Four attendance and viewership, by the numbers.

DI, DII and DIII championships will all converge in Dallas next year.

The Big Ten hasn’t won a title since 1999. Who has a chance next year?

College team news:

Penn State and Georgia Tech are ready to begin new eras.

Baylor has accepted an invitation to the White House.

College player news:

Iowa retired Megan Gustafson’s number.

Ja’Tavia Tapley has transferred to Arizona State from USC.

Former UAB forward Talia Roldan has transferred to Arkansas State.

College coach news:

St. Francis has named Keila Whittington their new head coach.

Buffalo has extended Felisha Legette-Jack’s contract through 2023-2024.

Longtime Wyoming coach Joe Legerski is retiring.

Michigan State has brought on Dean Lockwood and Kristin Haynie as assistant coaches. Lockwood will be associate head coach. What a win for that program.

Jackie Stiles is a new assistant coach at Oklahoma.

Georgia Tech’s new assistant coach is Tasha Butts.

Bett Shelby is a new assistant coach at West Virginia.

Erin Grant joins USC as an assistant coach.

Furman’s new assistant coach is Ashley Williams.

Texas Tech brings on Malikah Willis as an assistant coach, as well as Alysiah Bond.

New assistants at Xavier are Dan LangMary Grimes and Candice Finley.

Matt Thune and Jackie Alexander have joined Eastern Kentucky as assistant coaches.

Missouri State’s coaching staff has been announced.

WNBA player news:

Free agents Rebekkah Brunson, Tina Charles and Chelsea Gray remain unsigned.

WNBA GM news:

Q&A with Phoenix Mercury GM Jim Pitman.

High school news:

LaJeanna Howard is Duncanville’s new coach.