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And on the sixth day, the news (sorta) rested

WNBA news:

Chicago Sky owner Michael Alter on what it’s like to be an exec at the draft.

Q&A with Storm CEO Alisha Valavanis.

Seattle opted for the future while planning for the present this week.

Inside the Lynx war room for the draft.

Who is Jackie Young?

Minnesota’s drafting of Napheesa Collier and Jessica Shepard signals a new direction for them.

How do Napheesa Collier and Katie Lou Samuelson fit their new WNBA teams?

Why great things lie ahead for Chicago’s new draft pick.

The Lynx see Collier as a do-everything talent.

Han Xu’s path to the WNBA.

Megan Gustafson’s draft experience.

Bridget Carleton will have to scratch and claw to make the final roster of her team.

Regan Magarity is excited for her shot to make a WNBA roster.

Former Duke star Rebecca Greenwell isn’t ready to play in the WNBA this summer.

WNBA stakeholders gathered before the draft.

The league says their new logo isn’t based on Diana Taurasi.

College coach news:

Hofstra welcomes back Danielle Santos Atkinson as head coach.

Q&A with South Dakota State coach Aaron Johnston.

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