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This week’s WomensHoopsWorld top 25 poll

Kalani Brown drives by Napheesa Collier earlier this month. Ray Carlin/AP.

1. Baylor
2. UConn
3. Louisville
4. Oregon
5. Mississippi State
6. Notre Dame
7. Stanford
8. North Carolina State
9. Marquette
10. Maryland
11. Iowa
12. Oregon State
13. Gonzaga
14. Rutgers
15. Arizona State
16. Syracuse
17. South Carolina
18. Texas
19. Utah
20. South Dakota
21. Kentucky
22. Drake
23. Iowa State
24. Michigan State
25. Texas A&M


– I have had UConn ahead of Baylor despite the Lady Bears winning the head-to-head. As I’ve explained in the past, I felt that the Huskies’ resume was just slightly more complete than Baylor’s, thus having them in front. As I’ve continued to evaluate and weight all of the factors that go into to voting, I now believe their resumes to be identical, so with the Bears owning the head-to-head, I give them the edge. They take the top spot in the wake of Notre Dame’s loss to unranked North Carolina.

Texas A&M jumped into the poll at 25 after wins over Auburn and Kentucky. They replace Florida State, who had a nice comeback win at Virginia Tech Sunday, but were easily-handled earlier in the week by Louisville.

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