TCU redefining “Lady-Like” this year in campaign theme

TCU's team poster for the year highlights their campaign to redefine the term "lady-like."
TCU’s team poster for the year highlights their campaign to redefine the term “lady-like.”

For the second straight season, TCU’s team campaign is emphasizing the power of women.

In 2017-2018, the Horned Frogs celebrated women with a “#PowerOfHer” theme. Building off the success of that endeavor, they are this year redefining the term “lady-like,” which has traditionally had connotations of being “dainty, quiet, polite and submissive.”

Players introduced the concept in a video prior to the season:

Individually, TCU team members redefined the term for themselves in videos on their biography pages. And their pre-game introductory video is “#LadyLike”-themed:

Horned Frogs coach Raegan Pebley said her staff and athletes have been struck by the way women have been standing up for themselves in various ways all over the United States. Their two season campaigns were a collaborative effort that came from each athlete reflecting deeply on her own.

“In general, the idea of it was inspired by other women across the country who have shown such bravery in their vulnerability,” Pebley said. “Recent movements, campaigns and testimonies such as #metoo, #timesup, Dove’s Real Beauty, Nike’s Better For It, as well as authors such as Brene Brown, have been catalysts for powerful conversations in our program.”

“So many of us (players, coaches, support staff and our fans) have been personally inspired and encouraged by the previously-stated. In planning for our seasons, we decided very intentionally to do our best to capture conversations we were having with our team. ‘Power of Her’ and ‘LadyLike’ are what was created.”

Pebley said it was a delight to discover that each athlete had her own definition of strength and fortitude.

“We believe that the ‘Power of Her’ and ‘LadyLike’ is our team’s testimony of what it means to them to be a woman,” she said. “We love that their definitions have such variety, while all speak to their truth, and are inspiring others to do the same.”

Senior Jordan Moore was instrumental in helping choose the “#LadyLike” theme, and then the team got help from their director of marketing, their director of operations, and an outside ad agency.

The campaign has been a hit, and has included personal statements that redefine “Lady-Like” from others in athletics and the local business community. Those include TCU Hall of Famer Adrianne Ross, WNBA guard Essence Carson, and ESPN’s Maria Taylor.

TCU finished non-conference play 10-1, which ties the program record for best start. They begin Big 12 play Wednesday, as they host West Virginia.