With two games left, there’s lots of room for playoff movement

Playoff scenarios: all playoff-eligible teams have two games remaining: Friday and Sunday.

  1. Seattle (24-8) – one win over New York or Dallas, or an Atlanta loss,  clinches home court throughout the playoffs, and a bye into the semifinals. They cannot go lower than No. 2.
  2. Atlanta (22-10) – will clinch the No. 2 spot, and a bye into the semifinals with one win over Phoenix or Las Vegas or one Washington loss, even if Atlanta loses twice. (Atlanta holds the tiebreaker over Washington, 2-1, and Connecticut 3-0). They cannot descend lower than No. 4, as either LA or Connecticut will lose on Sunday when they play each other.
  3. Washington (21-11) – can rise to No. 2 with two wins and two Atlanta loses. They hold the No. 3 spot and a round one bye with one win over LA or Minnesota, or a loss by both Connecticut and LA. They can fall to No. 4 with two losses and two Connecticut wins. They hold the tiebreakers over LA, but not Connecticut. They cannot fall lower than No. 4.
  4. Connecticut (19-13) – can clinch the No. 4 spot with two wins over Minnesota and LA, or a split and one LA loss and one Phoenix loss (Connecticut holds the tiebreaker over LA, even if LA beats them Sunday). They would clinch the No. 3 with two wins and two Washington losses. (Connecticut holds the tiebreaker over Washington). They would fall to No. 5 with one win and one loss and two Phoenix wins and one LA loss.  They can fall to No. 6 with two losses and two Phoenix wins (Phoenix holds the tiebreaker) and two LA wins. They can’t go lower than No. 6.
  5. Los Angeles (19-13) – can become No. 3 with two wins (over Washington and Connecticut), and two Washington losses. Can reach No. 4 with two wins, but remain at No.5 even with two losses, if Phoenix also loses twice. They also remain No. 5 with a split, as they hold tiebreaker over both Phoenix and Minnesota. LA could drop to No. 6 with two losses and two Phoenix wins.
  6. Phoenix (18-14) – will clinch No. 4 with two wins, and two LA losses and Connecticut loses at least once (Phoenix holds the tiebreaker over Connecticut, but not LA). They clinch No. 5 with two wins, a Connecticut split, and two LA losses. They remain at No. 6 if Connecticut wins twice, LA splits, and Phoenix wins at least once while Minnesota splits, or Minnesota loses twice.  They would fall to No. 7 with two losses and two Minnesota wins.
  7. Minnesota (17-15) – can move up to No. 6 with a split and two Phoenix losses, or two wins and a Phoenix split.
  8. and 9 – Dallas (14-18), Las Vegas (14-18). Dallas clinches No. 8 with two wins or one win and one loss, or if both teams lose two. Dallas holds the tiebreaker. Las Vegas clinches No. 8 with one or two wins and two Dallas losses. The two teams play each other tonight. Dallas plays Seattle Sunday, while Las Vegas plays Atlanta.

Jim Clark: @jc_womenshoops