Oregon State investigating racial slur allegations

Aliyah Mazcyk defends Marie Gulich. Photo courtesy of Oregon State Athletics.
Aliyah Mazcyk defends Marie Gulich. Photo courtesy of Oregon State Athletics.

Oregon State officials are investigating a USC basketball player’s allegation that Beaver fans yelled racial slurs at her and her teammates as they left the court after a game Sunday.

Sophomore guard Minyon Moore’s tweets about the incident were widely-seen before she deleted them. Both schools say they are working together through the probe into the incident.

“Oregon State University officials are aware of this matter and are investigating it fully. We take this matter most seriously,” Oregon State University vice president Steve Clark said.

“There is no place at Oregon State University – nor do we believe in intercollegiate athletics – for racially-derogatory actions or statements that are directed at student-athletes, coaches, officials or fans in attendance.”

“We have been in contact with USC officials and have communicated our efforts to investigate this matter immediately. And we have communicated our shared values for inclusivity and safety for all involved in intercollegiate athletics and for those who attend, work at, and visit Oregon State University.”

USC Senior Woman Administrator Donna Heinel made a similar statement.

“We have been in contact with the Oregon State administration as they work to get more information and address this issue,” Heinel said. “Both schools strongly agree that there is no place for such racially-insensitive language in sports, and we appreciate Oregon State and the Pac-12’s immediate dedication to investigating this incident and their efforts to ensure that our collective values of respect and inclusion are upheld.”

The Beavers beat the Trojans, 69-63, in a physical game that had NCAA Tournament implications for the No. 15 hosts.