Women’s basketball statistics continue to trend positively with aid of recent rules changes

The rules changes enacted two years ago are paying dividends:

The flow of the game was enhanced by moving to four 10-minute periods — instead of two 20-minute halves — and teams being awarded two free throws for each common foul after the fifth team foul in a period, with the fouls resetting at the beginning of each period, with the one-and one foul shot eliminated. When a timeout is charged to the offense in the final 59.9 seconds of the fourth quarter or any overtime period, that team is now allowed the option to advance the throw-in spot to the 28-foot mark on either side of the front court…….

Scoring per team has increased by 1.13 points per game this year compared to Dec. 11 of last year, with the current team scoring average of 67.38 points per game registering at 2.06 points higher than final statistics a year ago. That’s almost five points higher than it was on this date during the 2012-13 season, when teams averaged 62.80 per outing.

Today’s results:

Holy moly, what a game! #19 Texas A&M 75, USC 74.

Story and photos from me later.

All scores.

Tomorrow’s schedule is picking up a bit, with 46 games.

College team news:

Moral victories are not an option as Syracuse tangles with powerhouses.

Ohio State will be put to the test on defense.

College player news:

Marquette forward Tori McCoy needs a kidney transplant.

McCoy’s resilience is “unbelievable.”

Victoria Vivians continues to raise her level of play.

Stephanie Jones is stepping up for Maryland.

Duke freshman guard Mikayla Boykin will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury.

College coach news:

Dawn Staley has a new dog: Champ.