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Who’s got all the chips?

College TV coverage:

ESPN will deliver extensive TV coverage for the 2017-2018 season.

College team news:

Here are the most important things we’ve learned about South Carolina and coach Dawn Staley.

Clemson and coach Audra Smith are grinding in the shadow of the Gamecocks and Dawn Staley.

Missouri is seen as the SEC’s rising power.

Two Duncanville players have decommitted from Kansas.

College player news:

A healthy Sophie Cunningham is ready to lead Missouri.

Four things to know about Lady Vol freshman Rennia Davis.

Marisa Romeo brings an urgency in her transition from lacrosse star to Syracuse forward.

College coach news:

Clemson coach Audra Smith shares a funny story of cheering for Dawn Staley at the Final Four.

Vanderbilt coach Stephanie White wants less robotic players.

Arkansas coach Mike Neighbors is no stranger to his SEC colleagues.

New Mexico coach Mike Bradbury has high hopes for the season.

WNBA player news:

Candace Parker finally resurfaced last night, appearing on Kevin Garnett’s Area 21 show. “I just opened my blinds…..”

The Lynx starters will mostly rest this offseason.

UNLV product Sequoia Holmes is ready to return home with the Stars.

WNBA coach news:

Bill Laimbeer is bringing his chips to the table in Las Vegas.

Former WNBA player and coach news:

Kara Lawson was welcomed tonight as the Washington Wizards’ new color commentator.

Lawson made history as the first female analyst for the franchise.

The Sacramento Kings have hired former WNBA coach Jenny Boucek as an assistant coach for player development.

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