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The day after; college season storylines taking shape

More on Game 2:

Photo gallery.

Mini-movie of the game.

It was a tale of two halves and a total team effort for Minnesota.

WNBA player news:

Plenette Pierson has been a perfect addition for the Lynx.

Moriah Jefferson underwent successful knee surgery today.

Former WNBA player news:

Chantelle Anderson overcame challenges to become a confidence coach.

Kara Lawson is the Washington Wizards’ new primary color analyst.

WNBPA news:

The player’s union has selected charities to receive grants from the league’s fines.

Final Four news:

Columbus, Ohio is already preparing for next year’s Final Four.

College team news:

Notre Dame makes volunteering competitive.

The Big East’s Transition Game Effected DePaul.

How Gonzaga’s backcourt will look this season.

College player news:

Duke senior Erin Mathias will debut her fashion collection Friday.

Lucia Alonso is cooking up some leadership for Arizona.

Her teammate Taryn Griffey has retired to to career injuries.


The sacrifices you make the play the game you love.

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