Odds and ends to catch you up

Our Bridgeport regional recap from yesterday.

Basketball is anywhere from 50-99 percent mental, depending on your view. Sabrina Ionescu’s comments about Oregon playing loose seems to attest to the higher margin. Maryland, on the other hand, said they were thinking too much. “Let the game come to you,” is more than just a catch-phrase. To play effectively, it’s best to be in the middle: exerting relaxed but focused effort that is focused in the moment, and not on ultimate outcomes.

Shifting gears, the LA Times woke up just in time to send a reporter to UCLA’s first- and second-round NCAA Tournament games last weekend. The reporter also wrote a story about Jordin Canada last week which, though her quote structure at the end was screwed up, at least showed the newspaper is trying to care.

They sent the writer to Bridgeport, and she came up with this story. This was the most touching part:

“I don’t want it to end,” UCLA Coach Cori Close said after the game as her voice cracked and tears welled in her eyes. “I thought they fought their guts out.”

We know what you mean, Cori Close. Felt the same way. And appreciate you for being a caring coach.

NCAA Tournament team news:

South Carolina is bracing for Florida State.

Mississippi State strives to achieve the success of Baylor.

The Bulldogs’ success is all about strength and conditioning.

The Bears will face a tower of power in the Bulldogs.

Baylor has plenty of options as they strive for the Final Four.

The Bears have depth.

NCAA Tournament player news:

Fifth-year back up Tiffany Davis is getting her moment in the Tournament for South Carolina.

Oregon State’s seniors are leaving a lasting legacy.

NCAA Tournament coach news:

UConn coach Geno Auriemma isn’t surprised by Oregon’s Tournament success.

A confident coach Sue Semrau is leading a confident Florida State team.

How Mississippi State coach Vic Schaefer built an Elite 8 team.

College team news:

Oklahoma coach Sherri Coale hopes to find a go-to player in the off-season.

Missouri took another step this season.