News before scores again

State of the game:

Early upsets and close games in the Tournament are a sign of changing times.

College team news:

Key injuries could derail South Carolina and Notre Dame.

Birds fly, grass grows, and the Maryland women are the last local team standing.

Texas has added mentality to its arsenal.

Slimantics: grinding and winning (Mississippi State).

Purdue pushed Notre Dame to the limit.

The Irish need to better prepare for life without Brianna Turner.

Drake hopes to learn from their early tournament exit.

FGCU has a bright future ahead after they impress again, and LSU’s future also looking rosy.

UNI’s senior trio leaves the program on solid ground.

College player news:

Don’t be fooled: Chantel Osahor is much more than a complement to Kelsey Plum.

A reflective Makayla Epps looks back on her time at Kentucky.

Kristina Nelson’s role will shift for Notre Dame.

Maturity and commitment have allowed Allisha Gray to make an impact with the Gamecocks.

Joyner Holmes is still a freshman, but we’re watching her grow with every game for Texas.

Quinn Dornstauder is changed by four years at Arizona State.

After an unsure start, Gabby Williams is soaring at UConn.

College coach news:

The success of Syracuse could push top Syracuse assistant coach Vonn Read into a new job.