More selection discussion

NCAA Tournament news/more bracket fallout:

Sports Illustrated has players to watch, predictions and more.

Game-by-game predictions.

Breaking down the brackets.

Five takeaways from the bracket.

ESPN’s Charlie Creme is puzzled by bracket decisions.

Which teams got jobbed by the Selection Committee.

Washington and Oregon State seek a Final Four return.

Number one seeds.

Last night was an unprecedented moment for Bucknell.

Syracuse is in the eye of the UConn storm.

Kentuckians in the NCAA field include two former Miss Basketball winners.

The Wildcats are excited to host and are focused on the task at hand.

South Carolina is disappointed.

Alaina Coates’ injury is a blow to the Gamecocks……she is out for the Tournament. Yikes.

Can anybody dethrone UConn? What obstacles might they face?

UConn faces its toughest tournament in years.

The ceiling for mid-majors in the Tournament is low.

Cal coach Lindsey Gottlieb got engaged just before her Bears were selected.

College coach news:

Illinois has fired coach Matt Bollant.