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Bracket thoughts

There was a lot to digest last night after the NCAA Tournament bracket was unveiled. Not only was I sorting out my own thoughts, I was intrigued by the reactions from coaches and fans.

South Carolina coach Dawn Staley was upset that her team will be sent to the Stockton regional and away from their huge fan base, if they advance.

Maryland coach Brenda Frese was disappointed that her squad received a No. 3 seed when they’ve been ranked in the top five all season long.

Others wondered the rationale of putting in some teams over others, and/or why some teams were seeded as they were.

I shared some of these sentiments.

Gamecock nation has been loyal, and have made South Carolina one of the best-attended women’s basketball programs in the country the last few years. I’d be irate at being sent across the country, too.

I am still trying to understand how Duke got the second seed and Maryland, the third. Makes no sense.

I don’t understand how Cal made the Tournament with the record they had, and Michigan didn’t. Nor do I get why Tennessee was seeded fifth.

In last night’s media conference call with Division I Women’s Basketball Committee chair Terry Gawlik, I asked the question about conference play not being considered as strongly. This was just after listening to ESPN’s Charlie Crème complain vehemently about his perception of that circumstance in post-bracket release commentary. Gawlik began her response with, “I don’t know where that’s coming from.” It’s a reminder that we’re all out here doing the best we can. And with any kind of major decision that effects numerous people, it’s not possible for everyone to be happy.

The SEC had eight of their 14 teams make the bracket, and the Pac-12 and ACC each had seven. That’s impressive.

The most intriguing match ups for me, in no order, are:


Arizona State-Michigan State


West Virginia-Elon

Syracuse-Iowa State

Texas A&M-Penn


Let the games begin. Is it Friday yet?

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