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College story lines taking shape

NCAA news:

The NCAA’s top 16 seeds will be announced three times in January and February, as part of Big Monday broadcasts.

NCAA WBB (@ncaawbb on twitter) has a GREAT new campaign this year: #OurGameOurStory

Check out their twitter.

College team news:

Notre Dame’s mission is to be #1 at season’s end.

Florida will rely on depth this season to replace the talent they lost.

Texas begins with the end in mind.

Will this be a bounce back season for Cal?

UTEP is overlooked despite their successes.

Experience has Oklahoma confident entering the new year.

North Texas has new expectations and standards after last year.

Idaho has roles to fill, with expanded roles for some.

Butler has new faces on and off the court.

Women’s basketball elite gathered today at ESPN headquarters in Connecticut for media day.

College player news:

Personalities and talents have come into focus for Washington veterans.

Milwaukee freshman Jaye Dawn Two Bears is protesting a pipeline through her native land from afar.

Maryland Terps talk about achieving their dreams off the court.

The progress of senior Kristina Nelson demands more time at Notre Dame.

Ohio guard Katie Barker is eager to return to the floor after a redshirt season.

Charlotte has a triple threat in their seniors.

Hannah Schuchts will fill a void at Missouri in her debut season.

ESPN top 25 players 16-20.

Who will step up as the next star?

College coach news:

UConn coach Geno Auriemma says super teams are the next evolution in sports.

Kentucky coach Matthew Mitchell believes his team will make some noise.

Sherri Coale has tweaked Oklahoma’s offense.

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