Five burning questions about the rest of the WNBA season

The midpoint of the season means game after game for every WNBA team, road trips and savoring every moment of down time. This year it also means it’s just about time for the Olympic break, when members of Team USA head to Rio and other players stay home and practice.

Team trends have become apparent, so there are burning questions about the rest of the season:

Can the Sparks keep this up?

The Los Angeles Sparks are 16-1 after facing just about every team in the league, including the defending champion Minnesota Lynx. Starters and bench players step up for one another if someone is having an off game, giving the term “multiple weapons” new meaning. They move the ball well, work hard on defense and don’t seem to be phased by anything. What’s even more eye-opening is that the team says they “still have so much to improve upon.”

What will happen to the Lynx after the Olympic break?

Minnesota seemed tired during a three-game losing streak this past week. What will they be like after the break, as four of their starters are also a part of Team USA? Can the rest of the roster carry the team if the first string has gold fatigue?

Will the Mercury be able to dig themselves out of the hole?

After an inexplicable losing streak to start the season, Phoenix is on an inspired upswing lately. Right now they’re tied for third place in the West at 8-10. Will the predicted champions be able to catch up to the Lynx and Sparks?

Will the Mystics, Dream and Sky get it together?

Washington has begun winning after a slow start. Atlanta had a nine-game winning streak and has now lost six straight. The Sky are up and down like a yo-yo. Will these teams figure it out, like the Eastern Conference-leading Liberty has, and rise to the occasion?

How many other teams will make roster moves before the cut deadline?

A few teams have made cuts the last two weeks – some head-scratchers. The Sparks have a seven-player rotation, largely due to bench player injuries. Will they cut some of that dead weight? What about other teams? We will see who is the most hungry over the next few weeks.


We’re halfway through the season. How does this Olympic Team roster¬†look now?