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Three OT

The Wings rallied from 17 behind to force not one but three overtimes. They won, 117-111.

Epic game. I’m tired from watching three hours and 20 minutes, and I didn’t even play.

It was the second triple overtime game in the WNBA this week.

Four Mercury players fouled out.

Both teams had a combined 65 fouls, which broke the previous record of 57.

And now the Mercury have another losing streak on their hands. Over the last eight games, they’ve won two, lost two, won two, lost two.

Dallas needs to bottle that mental toughness and start selling it. They could make some money.


The Mystics blew out the Dream, 95-65.

What???? Didn’t see that coming.

Tomorrow’s schedule:

Stars at Sun

Liberty at Fever

Lynx at Storm

Stars-Sun preview.

The Fever look to avenge their worst loss of the season tomorrow.

Lynx-Storm preview

College player news:

Miranda Drummond is leaving St. Bonaventure for Syracuse.

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