Cuts will be tough this year

Looking at all the rosters, and knowing the number of cuts that have to be made by Thursday, I am so glad I don’t have to do it. This talented draft class, and the persistence of players coming back to try again, has already pushed a few veterans on to waivers. It will happen again.

It looks like Atlanta might have the toughest job in making final cuts, given the number of talented athletes on their roster. We will see.

Today’s preseason results:

The Mystics routed the Lynx, 85-68.

The Sun defeated the Wings, 82-74.

The Storm edged the Mercury, 76-70.

Tomorrow, the Sparks face the Stars in San Antonio.

Team news:

The defending champion Lynx begin the season with one more mountain to climb.

Player news:

Q&A with Lynx forward Maya Moore.

Her teammate Lindsay Whalen sat out the offseason to rest.

Kelsey Minato is chasing her dream in San Antonio.


May 8, 2016

Team Player Transaction

Atlanta Jones, Jordan Awarded on waivers from Chicago
Los Angeles Williams, Kaylon Waived
Los Angeles Walton, Talia Waived
Los Angeles Hines, Jasmine Waived
Minnesota McCarville, Janel Contract Signed

Semi-pro news:

The Kansas City Majestics play for the love of the game.

NCAA news:

The NCAA’s hypocrisy becomes clearer in the North Carolina investigation.

College coach news:

New Wisconsin coach Jonathan Tsipis is mending fences with the state’s high school coaches and players.