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What’s up with these young people? Part II

Two more indicators today of the times we live in, following ESPN’s commentary yesterday on the same issue.

First, a piece on the recent slate of lawsuits and allegations against college coaches for “mistreatment,” saying women’s basketball is in a ‘scary’ era.

Then there is a column by high school girls basketball coach Trisha Kellogg, wife of Stephen F. Austin coach Mark Kellogg. She says thatgirls/women’s basketball culture is annoying her beyond belief.

I wrote about this issue almost a year ago, when the first of these incidences began to take place:

Today’s young ball players: self-righteous and soft

At the time, a few people said I was being too harsh. But with the accusations that have flown this spring, all I hear now is the same alarm that I sounded in 2015.

What’s going on with this generation? Where did parents and coaches go wrong?

I like what Kellogg wrote here:

We need to start the discipline early. Get back to the fundamentals of what sports are about. Club basketball needs to take a step back and let all of the players know that they will not always be the best and they will face adversity and it’s time to work hard not for the spot light, but for the love of the game. Parents need to step back and hold their kids accountable and teach them the importance of work ethic in the classroom and on the court. Quit bailing them out!

I’m praying that the schools involved in the current cases can tell the difference between discipline and mistreatment.

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