NCAA’s new ruling will change college recruiting

The NCAA has voted to allow schools to pay for up to two guardians to accompany recruits on official visits.

Is this an attempt to curb the number of transfers?

College coach news:

UConn coach Geno Auriemma was released from the hospital today and is at home resting.

Louisiana Tech’s new coach says the program is ready to move forward.

Nebraska’s contract for new coach Amy Williams lacks some of the perks of her predecessor.

Katrina Merriweather is the new head coach at Wright State.

Todd Starkey is Kent State’s new head coach.

Army coach Dave Magarity has signed a five-year contract extension.

UT Arlington has extended coach Krista Gerlich’s contract two years.

Sharrona Reaves is Tennessee’s new assistant coach.

Syracuse recruits know coach Quentin Hillsman is serious about building a winner.

Mickie DeMoss wasn’t interested in the Louisiana Tech head job.

ESPN echoes my thoughts from yesterday, that the recent slate of coach mistreatment allegations is troubling.

College player news:

Former Iowa State guard Nikki Moody’s attorney and the school disagree on the institution’s ruling about her mistreatment complaints.

Her lawyers have one signed affidavit from a teammate, and saysother players support her complaints.

Former USC forward Drew Edelman has transferred to UCSB.

Schools news:

NCAA president Mark Emmert owes the University of Washington $49,000 on a salary pledge he made over a decade ago.

U17 trials:

The U17 trials in June will feature 35 athletes trying for spots.