More transitions, more fallout

Team news:

Oregon State has laid the foundation for future program success.

With their big three gone, what is UConn left with next season? There are questions moving forward.

Player news:

Former Indiana guard Jess Walter has landed at Northern Kentucky.

Coach news:

James Madison associate head coach Sean O’Regan has been promoted to head coach.

Eastern Michigan coach Tory Verdi has left to take the head coach job at UMass.

Andrea Gorski is the new head coach at Bradley.

Elena Lovato is ready for the next stop in her coaching career.

Connie Yori:

Departing Natalie Romero says “immature players” pushed out Connie Yori.

Tyler Summitt:

Tyler Summitt’s perceived favoritism of point guard Brooke Pumroy had divided the Louisiana Tech team for months.

Summitt was under investigation before his resignation.

WNBA news:

Former league president Val Ackerman said they should have experimented with lower rims.