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Game side news

Award time:

Oregon State center Ruth Hamblin was named the NCAA’s Elite 90 winner: she has a 3.85 GPA, in addition to helping her team reach the Final Four.

UConn point guard Moriah Jefferson has won the Nancy Lieberman Award.

General Final Four news:

The Final Four is a-changing.

UConn’s dynasty is almost over.

UConn coach Geno Auriemma is making a case to be considered the greatest hoops coach ever.

Washington coach Mike Neighbors and Syracuse coach Quentin Hillsman had to put their friendship on ice for the game.

Non-Tournament news:

Albany may never see another coach like Katie Abrahamson-Henderson.

Coach Robin Pingeton on Missouri’s season, and the future.

Baylor had a disappointing end to the season, but could be even better next year.

WNBA news:

Q&A with forward Reshanda Gray.

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