Some big upsets on day one of round one


Albany edged Florida, 61-59. (The score was actually 61-58, due to an NCAA scoring error)

Kansas State downed George Washington, 56-51.

St. Bonaventure vaulted past Oklahoma State, 65-54.

Auburn toppled St. John’s, 68-57.

Close ones:

Tennessee held off Green Bay, 59-53.

Mississippi State overcame Chattanooga, 60-50.

Surprising blowouts:

Syracuse 73, Army 56. The Orange whooped them from buzzer to buzzer. I wasn’t expecting that kind of domination of a good team.

DePaul 97, James Madison 67. See above statements.

Unsurprising scores:

South Carolina 77, Jacksonville 41

Baylor 89, Idaho 59

Oregon State 73, Troy 31

Louisville 87, Central Arkansas 60

Ohio State 88, Buffalo 69

Arizona State 74, New Mexico State 52

Michigan State 74, Belmont 60

West Virginia 74, Princeton 65

Tomorrow’s schedule is intense. Will we see a day similar to today?

I’m going to guess that the hardest-fought games will be Duquesne-Seton Hall, Penn-Washington, Missouri-BYU and Indiana-Georgia.