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NCAA picks another top 10

For the second Monday this month, the NCAA has designated the nation’stop ten teams. They’re the same teams named two weeks ago, but in a different order:

1. UConn
2. South Carolina
3. Notre Dame
4. Baylor
5. Ohio State
6. Texas
7. Oregon State
8. Arizona State
9. Maryland
10. UCLA

According to the NCAA’s twitter, the next five are:

Florida State
Mississippi State
Texas A&M

This is the explanation for the fact of the rankings:

The Feb. 15 ranking is the second of three times the potential seeding will be announced during February by the committee, with one final in-season ranking taking place on Feb. 29. The three February announcements will have no bearing on the final bracket that will be revealed on Selection Monday, March 14, at 7 p.m. on ESPN.

But I’d like to know what their criteria is for their selections.

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