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Pause for the cause

Tonight’s results:

#24 DePaul bumped #25 Seton Hall, 86-74.

#22 South Florida blew out UCF, 108-63.

St. John’s got past Marquette in overtime, 81-77.

All scores.

Tomorrow’s match ups.


The first week has been wild.

Big Sky:

The Conference has temporarily removed three officials from assignment for misapplication of a rule in a recent game.

Team news:

Missouri is a team to watch. Their fans go through a lot to support them.

Player news:

UConn guard Moriah Jefferson will miss her first game as a starter tomorrow, as she has an injured hamstring.

Sophomore guard Justine Hall has left Purdue.

Getting to know Ohio State’s Kelsey Mitchell.

Coach news:

Syracuse’s demolition of Duke the other night was the 200th career victory for coach Quentin Hillsman.

Air Force coach Chris Gobrecht sees signs of progress.

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