Much going on


Now it’s Louisville doing the upsetting: they did it to #19 Michigan State, 85-78.

More results:

Not officially an upset but yes: Boston College 58, Purdue 56.

And another such case: Florida Gulf Coast 64, George Washington 60.

#7 Oregon State prevailed over Marquette, 65-58.

Virginia Tech slipped by Penn State, 64-59.

All scores, though as I post, Gonzaga and Wyoming are entering OT, knotted at 51. Several other good games still in progress, including Washington State vs. Boise State, St. Mary’s vs. UC Davis and BYU vs. Hawaii set to kick off in moments.

Saturday’s Notre Dame vs. UConn match up:

History of a great rivalry.

Team news:

All of the top teams have already been challenged this season.

Plenty of contenders have emerged.

“Average” is still pretty good for Notre Dame.

FGCU is still confident long-term.

Player news:

Old Dominion’s Jennie Sims and Ije Ajembra have been suspended indefinitely for violating team rules.

Coach news:

Ryun Williams is brewing a special team at Colorado State.

Ann Myers Drysdale Award watch list:

Great players here.