Brittany Boyd having a good time on her perfect-fit team

    Brittany Boyd drives the ball into the paint. Photo courtesy of MSG Photo Services.

    Brittany Boyd always looks like she’s having fun on the court for the New York Liberty.

    The star Cal guard was drafted ninth by the organization in April, and wasted no time in her professional debut, putting up a career-high 14 points in the team’s season opener against the Dream.

    She is on a roster that features veterans Tina Charles, Epiphanny Prince, Essence Carson, Tanisha Wright, Swin Cash and Sugar Rodgers.

    At the All-Star break, Boyd was playing an average 16.2 minutes and putting up 6.8 points per game – the sixth-highest scorer on the team. She also averages 3.1 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game.

    I caught up with her last week to see how she was doing.

    SF: What’s the best thing about being on the New York Liberty?

    BB: I have really good veterans in front of me, teaching me. I’m learning from them and seeing how great they are on the court and watching that every day.

    SF: Any vet in particular that you’re learning a lot from?

    BB: Tina, Tanisha, Piph, Essence – everybody. It’s something different with each person. I have a relationship with each person and I’m learning something new every day.

    SF: Rookies always report being welcomed by the seasoned players. Have you had that experience?

    BB: They’re definitely welcoming and have been since the day I got drafted. Tina reached out to me and stuff like that. But they see that I can be good and they’re pushing me to that limit.

    SF: It seems like this team is a great fit for you. Am I reading that correctly?

    BB: I don’t think there was a better fit out there, just the position I was put in. Learning from them everyday is helpful.

    SF: What’s it like being coached by one of the league’s greats in Katie Smith?

    BB: Katie is amazing, defense is her thing. She has so much knowledge. She wants the best out of everyone and especially on defense; I’m working with her on that.

    SF: Have you had a chance to experience New York City yet?

    BB: I got a chance to get out a little bit. I went to Brooklyn with Tina, she took me to Harlem and Queens. But other than that, we stay at White Plains, which is 30 minutes from the city.

    SF: What’s the biggest difference between college and pro ball?

    BB: The strength of players, the speed, is totally different. But coming from college and knowing that system in and out and having to learn a whole new system was the hardest transition for me. Especially in my position I have to know what everyone is doing.

    SF: Who’s the funniest person on the team?

    BB: Sugar’s very funny. Everybody has their own take – they’re different funny.