Seimone Augustus talks about her marriage

It is so ordered:

I think part of falling in love is finding someone who can just deal with you — who loves you because of your isms, not despite them. We’re all pretty complex people working to understand ourselves and the world around us. I understood LaTaya pretty quickly because I had a 30-year head start with my dad. They’re a lot alike — both Geminis. They think similarly, express similarly. In the end, we balance each other. She forces me out of my comfort zone — to go out and experience the world and not always default to my homebody personality. She’s opened my mind to new things and new ways of thinking — poetry, travel, adventure. I think I anchor her — bring steadfastness and calm to our lives…….

I was nervous the morning of our wedding day. Committing my life to someone wasn’t what had me wrecked — all of the details about the day were. My parents came into my room around 7 a.m., jumping on my bed like, “You’re getting married today!” The wedding wasn’t until 5 p.m., so I had a whole day of anticipation and excited anxiousness. I got dressed as we got closer to time and went outside just to take it all in — the decorations, the setup, the day. Everything looked amazing. The sun was full and shining down. The officiant pointed out all of the symbols around us as signs for a good and happy marriage: a rainbow, birds overhead — symbols of our angelic ancestors looking over us. The entire ceremony was rooted in Hawaiian tradition. I remember all those tiny details


I love the picture of Augustus being silly behind Varner.