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The calm before the action

Four games on tap tomorrow:

Sky at Sun

Mercury at Liberty

Stars at Dream

Storm at Lynx

(Wondering why the Sparks have eight days off before they play their second regular-season game, when other teams have two and three games notched already)


Amanda Zahui B. is adjusting to life with the Shock.


….honored a young girl’s Make-A-Wish Foundation dream of meeting Maya Moore.

Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame:

Six people will be inducted into the Hall this weekend: Janeth Arcain, Janet Harris, Lisa Leslie, and coaches Kurt Budke, Gail Goestenkors and Brad Smith.

College news:

Loyola Marymount’s new assistant coach is April Phillips.

Former Detroit coach Auturn Rademacher is a new assistant coach at Arkansas State.

Western Carolina’s new assistant coach is Tierra Rudd.

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