Glory Johnson (finally) speaks

Tulsa Shock all-star forward Glory Johnson says the suspensions of she and wife Brittney Griner for domestic violence were too much:

Johnson said multiple triggers led to the dispute with Griner, a center for the Phoenix Mercury.

“We know how we care about each other, and we fought out of that,” she said. “A lot of it was passion. We fought because we were mad that this person felt like this, or this person said this.”

The league suspended them for seven games each — just over a fifth of the season — without pay. Johnson is appealing her suspension, and said her lawyer is ready if further action is needed.

“Do I think it was a little much? Yes,” Johnson said. “Especially because of the way we are and the way we handled it.”

Johnson reflects on an unexpectedly turbulent offseason.

Johnson has arrived in Tulsa for training camp.