WNBA still reviewing Isiah Thomas hire

The New York Liberty’s hiring of Isiah Thomas is not yet final:

WNBA president Laurel J. Richie told The Associated Press in a phone interview Wednesday night that Thomas’ hiring was “first and foremost a team decision, but there’s ultimate responsibility with the league and that rests in my office.”…..

Richie said she was surprised by the Liberty’s announcement and that the league wasn’t given much advance notice.

Thomas also was given an ownership stake in the team, but Richie said the WNBA hasn’t received a completed application yet.

“The announcement came out (Tuesday), we’re less than 48 hours” into the process, Richie said. “I’d say both on behalf of the league and personally, I’m in the process of gathering information. Ultimately this is a decision in terms of ownership that is a board-level decision. I will participate in that discussion.”

Well, now.

The league also says it has yet to make a decision on punishments for Brittney Griner and/or Glory Johnson, after both were arrested last week for domestic assault.

In the meantime, the lovely Mr. Thomas denies his culpability in the 2007 sexual harassment case that came about due to his behavior.

Interesting times.