Jody Adams remains coach at Wichita State, following investigation

Jody Adams will remain coach at Wichita State, and there will be changes:

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Wichita State University introduced several new measures agreed upon within the basketball program, including the appointment of a consultant in sports psychology.

The statement said in part: “The parties agreed to several new measures during the meeting, including the appointment of a consultant in sports psychology who may be able to help both the coaching staff and student athletes. Working with this consultant will help everyone identify their challenges, set goals, increase confidence, and cope with difficult times to ensure the continual improvement of the WSU’s women’s basketball team. Players will also have enhanced open lines of communication to the faculty athletic representative and the athletic director.”

Adams’ statement:

“I’ve dedicated my life to building a successful program that not only wins basketball games, but prepares young women for the rest of their lives,” Adams said in the release. “I regret if my efforts to build winning teams were ever seen as disrespectful of any person. I’ll continue to look for ways that I can improve both my coaching style and technique to help us win games and improve the lives of our players every day.”

Joint statement on Wichita State program.

I have to wonder if Adams uses the style of her former coach, Pat Summitt, and some of today’s young people can’t take it.

Lady Vol brand name:

Will Tennessee’s plan to change the Lady Vol name discourage recruits?