More changes

Coaching/player changes:

Georgia coach Joni Crenshaw has named Karen Lange her associate head coach.

Evan Unrau is coach Bonnie Henrickson’s new assistant coach at UCSB.

Senior point guard Kyndal Clark is leaving Drake.

Former North Carolina State guard Chloe Jackson has transferred to LSU.

More college news:

Allegations against Wichita State coach Jody Adams are that she created “an atmosphere of anger, isolation and personal insults,” causing four players to quit. Former player mother’s expressed perspectives on the allegations.

Wisconsin coach Bobbie Kelsey has been retained, but her contract wasn’t extended.

At CSUN, Tessa Boagni and Caroline Gilling click in basketball and in life.

WNBA news:

Princeton’s Blake Dietrick will take her shot at the WNBA.