Updated WNBA signings

What’s gone down since last I updated:

February 9, 2015

Team Player Transaction

Los Angeles Nikki Greene Contract Signed
Los Angeles Marianna Tolo Contract Signed

February 6, 2015

Team Player Transaction

Indiana Natalie Achonwa Contract Signed
Indiana Jeanette Pohlen Contract Signed
Minnesota Nadirah McKenith Contract Signed
New York Alex Montgomery Contract Signed

So to recap:

Phoenix is rebuilding a championship team.

Seattle is rebuilding a losing team.

San Antonio is looking for size.

Washington and Indiana look fairly intact so far.

Tulsa is signing some former players.

No idea what Los Angeles is doing. I never do.

I’m wondering why more teams aren’t making more moves yet.


Lauren Jackson aims to play in next year’s Olympics, and then retire. I sure hope her body will let her do that. She deserves it.