Anti-climactic match up

It was a game for about 7.5 minutes, and then #2 UConn took over to rout #1 South Carolina, 87-62.

This will undoubtedly generate much conversation along the lines of:

– South Carolina was overrated

– The trophy belongs to UConn again this year

– There isn’t any parity in women’s basketball

– Geno is the greatest coach ever

Blah, blah, blah…….

Upset 2:

The hogs upended the dogs, aka Arkansas 54, #24 Georgia 48.

The only undefeated team left is Princeton, ranked 16th. When’s the last time the last standing undefeated team was ranked this low?

To me, that is the most interesting topic of the night.

Full scoreboard.

NCAA revealing top seeds on Wednesday:

One ESPN writer says the revelations won’t tell us much.

USA Basketball:

Dawn Staley, Cheryl Reeve and Doug Bruno will return as assistant coaches for next year’s Olympic team. (I can’t believe we’re talking Olympics again already).