Community comes together to help Long Beach Poly girls basketball

What a heart-warming story:

After Christmas, the Poly girls went to Florida for a tournament. After landing in South Florida, they stopped to grab a bite to eat before making the estimated 90-minute drive to Naples.

While they were inside the restaurant one of the team’s rental vans was broken into. Equipment and personal items were stolen.
A Poly parent, who was making the trip a day later, was able to bring some extra uniforms so that the players who had theirs stolen would be able to play in the tournament.

Then, enter Long Beach.

The community came together, upon hearing the news, and within 48 hours $5,000 was raised in order to replace the items.
Nike also stepped in to replace some of the gear that was stolen.

Earlier this week, the Long Beach Police Department came through with a check for $1,000.