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Contemplating the one-loss teams

Undefeated is great, but I’ve always thought there is a slight advantage to being a team with only one loss. For one thing, there’s no more pressure to remain unbeaten. For most teams, there is something to prove after the insult of one loss.

Which teams are the most dangerous right now? There are the obvious ones in Connecticut, Notre Dame, Louisville, North Carolina, Baylor, Kentucky, Nebraska and Oklahoma State.

But I submit these other teams:

Long Beach State, which beat both Cal and LSU this week.

Indiana, who are playing so strongly this season.

Washington, who are feeling themselves.

James Madison, who have not faltered but for their lone loss.

Tulane almost has be convinced. San Diego and West Virginia, maybe.

Here’s the list:

Florida State 11-1
Seton Hall 11-1
Kentucky 10-1
Long Beach State 10-1
Louisville 10-1
North Carolina 10-1
Notre Dame 10-1
Baylor 9-1
Indiana 9-1
Minnesota 9-1
Nebraska 9-1
San Diego 9-1
Tulane 9-1
Washington 9-1
Arizona State 8-1
Illinois-Chicago 8-1
Indiana State 8-1
James Madison 8-1
Oklahoma State 8-1
West Virginia 8-1
Connecticut 7-1
Kansas State 7-1
Louisiana-Lafayette 7-1
Southern Utah 6-1

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