And then there were 13

North Carolina’s loss to Oregon State tonight brings the number of undefeated Division I teams to 13:

Texas A&M, 11-0
Mississippi State, 11-0
Princeton, 11-0
Georgia, 10-0
South Carolina, 9-0
St. John’s, 9-0
Texas, 8-0
Oregon State, 8-0
Northwestern, 8-0
Akron, 8-0
Youngstown State, 8-0
Lehigh, 7-0
Louisiana-Lafayette, 6-0

Team news:

Texas Tech’s recent long break hurt them.

Cool retrospective walk down Oklahoma State’s memory lane by longtime game callers Kevin Gum and Casey Kendrick.

Player news:

Guard Madison Cable is giving Notre Dame a toughness.

Walk-on Marie Berthuel is living her dream at Oregon.

High school news:

ESPN tries their hand at a top 25 list.